What Not To Do Before Your Wedding

Self care during the final month of your wedding countdown should take a front seat to everything else swirling around you. Don’t forget to add getting good sleep to your night before activities. Take time to soak in a warm bath to help relax you and let all of the lists swirling in your mind drift away. Listen to quiet music, soak in soothing salts then snuggle in with a good book.

Things to skip:

Caffeine–take a break from the coffee that has been fueling you in the last few days. Switch to decaf or an herbal tea in the morning especially the final few days.

Alcohol–whether you have a true rehearsal dinner or are hanging with your squad, it’s easy to go a little too far. Have a celebratory drink or two but make sure to stop there. Alcohol is very disruptive to your sleep cycle and can cause puffiness; both are big no no’s for wedding day.

Phone–put down the phone and for that matter the tablet and laptop too! The blue light emitted by electronic screens will suppress sleep hormones. Your vendors know your planner’s number and if anything happens they will take care of it. It’s time to coast into wedded bliss!

Rest well knowing you will be at your best during the most important day of your life. All of the months of planning are about to unfold, meet it well rested and ready to party into the night!