Texas Weddings, What’s Next

Wow! No one saw that coming! We celebrated a new year, Valentine’s day dinners were prepared, we packed to go on spring break then…BAM…the world literally came to a stop.

The real challenge has been the unknown. How can we begin to celebrate the joy of a couple coming together while being respectful of the situation? How can I ask my favorite people to celebrate with me when we don’t know the risks? How can I avoid letting COVID take the front seat at my celebration instead of focusing on the joy of our celebration? I’m not sure anyone has the answers to these and many more questions.

As part of the Austin event and hospitality community I can guarantee we are all in conversation regarding how to safely proceed in this very fluid situation. I am proud to be among professionals who are collectively considering every angle each person brings to the table to ensure we are all operating on the same page; keeping our clients and their guests as the focus of every decision.

I’m also very proud of the couples who make up our client family. Grieving the loss of plans made, details fretted over and countdown calendars that seem such a waste of time. The couples of 2020 are resilient! Their willingness to reinvent their celebrations, adapting to every twist and turn knowing the show will go on and love always wins is a testament to their love for each other and understanding that the wedding celebration does not define their union.

So how do we proceed? A few ideas that have been thrown around:

  • Masks as favors, custom made with the couple’s initials.
  • Hand sanitizer with custom labels showing a guests name, used as seating cards.
  • Reducing guest count to meet guidelines, but adding in virtual viewing for those who choose not or cannot attend.
  • Adding staff to the buffet station to serve each guest eliminating sharing serving utensils.

While these ideas may not be for everyone, it is a start to a conversation that will be far reaching in our industry. I can see a lot of changes in the way we were accustomed to celebrating sticking around and improving our events. I choose to embrace the unknown and be creative in the face of this storm instead of paralyzed.

We are dedicated to remaining an award winning wedding venue serving our clients with professionalism and care.

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