Planner, Yes or No?

It seems unreal that we have hosted events for a year. I have definitely learned a lot about planning events and what it takes to have a successful celebration at The Grove. The biggest lesson is that a planner is a must! Planners seem to be a luxury that most brides feel isn’t needed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “My (aunt/sister/best friend) is very organized and will be a great person to take the role of planner.” It rarely works.

Because I feel that every bride should be able to experience a seamless day while their friends and family relax and enjoy as well, our Wedding Suites include a planner and a venue discount. In fact, if you are a bride who already has a planner on board you will receive the same venue discount.

A few things a planner will do:

  • Keep you posted of due dates for final payments and required information for each vendor
  • Creates layout the ceremony and reception spaces so set up can be complete before you arrive
  • Creates a timeline for all of the vendors to work with
  • Ensure all of the deliveries are made on time and include everything promised
  • Has a bag of tricks that includes everything you will possibly need and probably forgot
  • Wrangles all of the people who need to stick around for the important photos
  • Works with the DJ and officiant for a seamless entry and exit from your ceremony
  • Keeps the timeline moving (DJs should keep the dance floor moving not remind you it’s time to cut the cake)
  • Makes sure you actually have something to eat and drink
  • Coordinates the exit
  • Oversees the breakdown of the venue

I’m sure I’ve left out a lot more stuff because a coordinator really works hard to keep things moving and works in stealth mode.

When creating the Wedding Suites I spoke to several planners and added those who have worked with us previously and are on our preferred list. It’s important to me that all of our preferred vendors have worked on site and have a great relationship with us before we recommend them to anyone.

Rest assured, a planner really is necessary and with a Grove Wedding Suite it’s covered!

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