North Austin Spring Outdoor Weddings

Spring is the time for bright flowers, the return of green leaves, ducklings floating across the creek and blooms on the jasmine that covers our pergola. It’s also a time where we celebrate finding true love each weekend from February to June. I love the build up to each “I do” and the bright lights of dancing the night away. This year, not so much. There is an uncomfortable silence at The Grove where music, cheers, smiles and love abounded only a few weeks ago.

My heart breaks for each of our couples that planned for at times more than a year; counting down the days to celebrate with friends and family then watch their special day pass without the fanfare they hoped. The story of this crazy season will be woven forever into the history of each couple and our story. The good news is we will be back to celebrating soon. There is an end and a return to a new normal. The celebrations will be particularly joyful and memorable as we reconnect with friends and families after so much time apart.

Our goal is always to provide a calm, experienced voice in the midst of what can be a chaotic season of planning. That goal doesn’t change, even in uncertainty. Rest assured The Grove will remain strong, ready to host your events for years to come. This too shall pass. We have a virtual tour video to assist couples who are planning for late 2020 and 2021 celebrations and wish to forgo an on site tour. On site tours are limited to 4 guests per tour and are spaced with a 30 minute gap to allow us to wipe down high touch surfaces and maintain distancing. Look for the most amazing open house as soon as we get the green light, but until then let’s get to planning!

P. S.
Don’t forget that small businesses rely on you to our keep doors open. If you have a favorite restaurant considering purchasing a gift card or gift certificate to use in the future allowing the business to have income during the ramp up time. Look to bakers for bulk goods like flour, sugar, milk, eggs, or local butchers for meat products. Many caterers are providing family meals to go as a great option for dining in. Finally, don’t hesitate to book a wedding venue so we can both have something to look forward to.

Be safe. Be smart. Be kind.

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