Happy Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving weekend we are reminded that we must count our blessings and give thanks. Of course this is what we strive to do daily, but today we do it as a nation. Rusty and I are truly thankful for all of the blessings God has given us: great marriage, children who are healthy and kind, a lovely home, great friends and of course The Grove.

When we began talking of the things we could do with the property on Fannin we didn’t settle on an event center lightly. We knew we could not keep the beauty to ourselves and that we were being lead to expand into an industry that is unfamiliar. With that in mind as we poured the foundation of the building, joining together pieces of the old and the new setting off on an unfamiliar path, we were lead to add a piece of ourselves. In the foundation of The Grove are buried two rocks that serve as reminders to us on this journey.

The first rock has our names and the date construction began. We chose to add this rock as it represents the journey our little family is on to produce, with integrity, a business that serves the community Rusty and I grew up in and chose to raise our family. This is a family business, built by a family and building families.

The second rock contains two verses from the Bible. Our family chose Jeremiah 29:11 several years ago to be the verse that we stand on and go to in times good times or bad to remind us that God is always rooting for us no matter what is distracting us in this world. The second verse, John 7:38, was chosen specifically for The Grove to remind us that God is always with us and that from us we should share His love through our actions and our words whenever possible. This is the foundation of not only the building we’ve created but of our family.

While being a Christian may not be a popular thing, we understand not everyone will be open to our faith, it is who we are and we will love everyone no matter what they say, think or do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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