Elope at The Grove on Brushy Creek

I received a phone call from a very sweet man last week regarding the ability to elope by the creek. The story was heartbreaking but all too familiar; COVID threw a wrench in his bride’s plans for their special day. Instead of letting the entire day be a wash, he wanted to create a creekside ceremony complete with lovely photos to commemorate the occasion then postpone the celebration with friends and family to a date next year. We partnered with Tiffany Chapman Photography our friends at The Ruby hotel next door to provide an extra special end to a beautiful day completing the circle for Erin and Eric’s small day.

Petite weddings as I call them, or Micro Weddings as they are more commonly known these days, have been a part of The Grove on Brushy Creek’s fabric for the last few years. I personally love a small celebration! The opportunity to put your budget toward really special touches or allocate for a larger honeymoon, a new house or just about anything that makes you smile makes perfect sense to me. My wedding was certainly petite and we loved every minute of it! The complication previously was finding the right group of wedding pros willing to focus on a smaller group; those vendors were hard to find, but we are in a new normal and they are abundant! I have a complete suite of wedding pros to provide flowers, tunes, photos, cake, champagne toast and a few snacks and ta-da you’re married!

The introduction of eloping by the creek is definitely something new, but honestly each ceremony is so heartwarming! You, your beloved, an officiant, a photographer and maybe a couple of really close friends is all you need to create a day to remember. Maybe you’re eloping due to the craziness that is our current world or maybe it’s what you’ve planned all along. All you need is two hours to get the job done. We’re happy to add in a beautiful bottle of wine to toast to your union, a dessert to share with your sweet or a suite at The Ruby Hotel to round out your celebration.

COVID stole your celebration or just ready to get the show on the road? Let’s schedule your tour and set the plan in motion!

Tiffany Chapman Photography at The Grove on Brushy Creek

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